6 Must-Know Techniques to Win Daily Fantasy Cricket


Whether you’re looking to take your game to the next level or find something to do with the downtime at work, Fantasy Cricket App (available for iOS and Android) might be exactly what you’re looking for. It allows you to win real money by picking the highest-scoring team members during matches—similar to how people win money by correctly picking TV shows they think will win Emmys or Oscars. Here are six must-know techniques that can help you dominate your league!

1) Picking Wickets

The first thing you need to do is pick wickets, both bowler and batsman. Even though you might think picking wickets isn’t as important as batting or bowling, it actually plays a vital role in winning matches. An average bowler will get 5 wickets on an average in first six overs of a T20 game. So it’s vital that you pick at least one specialist bowler who can give you at least 2-3 wickets per match on your fantasy cricket team . A good example of such bowler is someone like Imran Tahir, who not only gives you points for taking wickets but also for conceding runs through economy rate.

2) Striking While the Iron is Hot

In daily fantasy sports, time is everything. If you have a good team on your roster, especially early in a tournament, you want to keep playing it as long as possible. That means making sure that you enter a new contest before everyone else figures out how well it’s performing. If too many others also see that success and jump onto your player pool, then your chances of winning drop dramatically. Remember: There’s no greater feeling than seeing Winner flash across your screen after watching thousands of other people lose their wager because they waited too long! In daily fantasy sports, time is everything. If you have a good team on your roster, especially early in a tournament, you want to keep playing it as long as possible.

3) Replacing Current Players

Winning match with best fantasy cricket app depends on who you pick and how you manage your team, but there are a few things that are out of your control. For example, if one of your star players gets injured or doesn’t perform, you can lose even when your team wins. While it might be tempting to let yourself off easy with an easy match, doing so will open up risks for losses down the line. Instead, pick matches with high volatility for bigger payouts—but make sure that you have backup players in case things go awry. Find an app or website that offers thorough stats on upcoming matches to help you choose wisely.

4) Multiplying Points

Risks of playing fantasy cricket are relatively small. However, there are some risks that you need to be aware of. One of these is excessive betting, which can lead to addiction and financial difficulties. Many online platforms offer daily fantasy cricket on their platform for free. While it is easy to get carried away with these games and spend more than you can afford on them, it’s important not to let yourself go overboard while having fun with fantasy cricket. You should also remember that you can’t always rely on your past performance when predicting how you will perform in future matches.

5) Managing Risks

One of the key things to do when you’re setting up your team is consider how much risk you’re willing to take on. Your roster’s total salary should be divided into six categories: four batsmen, one all-rounder, one bowler and one wicketkeeper. If all six players score well but you’ve gone over budget in three or more spots, you run a high risk of losing money. It might be worth it if they rack up huge scores—but if they don’t, you could be in trouble. To mitigate risk while still achieving good value for your dollar, look for players who are just under budget—they may not get big scores, but they’ll help fill out your roster without breaking it.

6) Capturing Bonus Points

Capturing bonus points is an excellent way to win a match. They aren’t going to net you 50 or 60 points, but if you do it correctly you can score an extra 2-4 points each day. This doesn’t seem like much, but if you can pull it off a few times a week it will really add up over time. Bonus points are relatively easy because all you have to do is pick a player from one of your favorite teams that has been awarded with a bonus point for their efforts during an innings, and use him in your team for that day.

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