8 Ways to Watch Shows and Movies


Once upon a time, people followed strict broadcasting schedules to watch shows and movies. But, with the rise of advanced technology and streaming services, watching content is way more convenient. This is the reason people look for ways to watch favorite shows without being confined to their couch.

There are several streaming platforms and cable TV providers on the market competing against each other to bring blockbuster content to your screen. So, if you are also looking for different ways to watch TV shows, then give this blog a good read.

Subscribe to RCN TV!

RCN is a proud cable TV provider in the country as it offers quality TV services. It delivers advanced fiber-backed cable services to ensure users get strong picture quality. So, if you choose RCN Cable TV, you get a huge collection of HD channels that can keep you entertained for several hours.

RCN TV also offers an array of premium channels featuring blockbuster movies and famous TV shows. It even offers international channels, such as Arabic, Korean, Spanish, and more catering to the needs of diverse audiences.

Despite being a cable TV provider, it offers on-demand content as well. From free movies and TV shows to the latest blockbuster movies, you can get your hands on everything your heart desires. Moreover, the provider offers an Astound TV+ app, so you can access content anytime you want to, no matter where you are. All you have to do is download the app and use your Astound credentials to log in.

Choose Free Streaming Platforms

If you are looking for ways to watch TV shows for free, then there are some great options!

For instance, websites like Sony Crackle, Tubi, Pluto TV, and so on offer a wide selection of shows that you can watch without paying. There is a wide variety of shows, but keep in mind that the selection might not be as extensive as on paid streaming services.

Please note that the free streaming platforms are supported by ads, which means you might also have to deal with them. While ads can sometimes interrupt the show’s flow, you stay entertained without spending money.

Go for Ad-Supported Streaming Services

Many streaming services have both free and paid versions, so can choose plans with ads to enjoy content without spending a lot of money. For example, popular streaming platforms such as Hulu, Netflix, and Discovery+ offer affordable plans too, but you might have to deal with a lot of ads in between. Also, keep in mind that the ad-supported packages might limit your access to certain episodes or shows unless you upgrade to a paid premium plan.

Choose Free Trials

If you do not have the budget, we suggest you opt for free trials. The mere reason is that famous streaming services like Netflix or Disney+ offer free trials for a limited time. Thus, if you cannot afford its monthly fee, this is a great opportunity to binge-watch your favorite shows without spending money. However, please keep track of the trial period, so you can cancel it if you do not want to pay for the subscription fee.

Bundle Your Internet and TV Subscriptions

Today, most of the internet service providers offer TV services as well. So, if you want to save money and watch popular shows, we suggest you consider bundling your internet service with TV services.

If you choose to avail bundle deals, you can enjoy a variety of TV shows while also ensuring a stable and fast internet connection for streaming. These bundles can often lead to significant savings compared to purchasing each service separately. However, before you sign up, you must research the different providers and compare their bundle prices. By doing this you will be able to find a bundle that fits your budget.

For example, if you choose RCN cable TV services, you can bundle your TV and internet services. It can be a cost-saving opportunity for you as compared to subscribing to these services separately. You will pay less by combining both services, allowing you to enjoy your favorite TV shows and a reliable internet connection. If you are interested to know more, then you can contact the RCN customer support team by dialing 844-343-1374.

Share Your Friend’s Account

If you do not have the budget, then we suggest you ask your friends to share their streaming service accounts. Many popular streaming platforms like Netflix can create multiple user profiles under a single account. This means that if your friends have their subscriptions, they can easily share their credentials with you.

Borrow Movies with a Library Card

Your local library can offer you a good collection of entertaining shows and movies. For example, libraries in Miami and Dallas have collaborated with several streaming services that allow students to borrow TV shows.

However, to take advantage of this, all you need is a library card. Simply visit your library’s media section or website, browse their collection, and borrow the shows that you love. This is a fantastic way to watch TV shows legally and for free.

Avail the Promotional Deals and Discounts

If you do not have the budget, then we suggest you explore the promotional deals and discounts offered by various streaming services. The discounts and deals are indeed an incredible way to watch content without paying a lot of money.

By taking advantage of promotional deals and offers, you can enjoy discounted subscription rates for a certain period. You should frequently check the official websites of streaming services that you like so you can stay informed about the latest promotions.

In Brief

Television has become a big part of our entertainment! This is the reason that today there are several ways to watch TV shows and movies without following a strict broadcasting schedule. Just make sure you choose the best streaming platforms that suit your entertainment needs and budget the best. Do your research, and you will surely find the best streaming service.



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