Cabinet Door Styles for decor


Cabinets make up for the aesthetic of any place whether it is your kitchen, bathroom, living room, or even shop. They create a foundational impression considering people are most likely to notice cabinets in comparison with any other structural decor. 

Cabinets not only serve the aesthetic function but also are a functional part of any living place that requires effective storage. Choosing the right cabinet door styles can give your place an overall good impression along with serving storage purposes. 

Different Cabinet Door Styles

Some of the popular cabinet door styles include the following 

Shaker Cabinets

Shaker Cabinets are quite popular and are named after their inventors. They are not only easily available but also one of the most versatile and durable cabinet styles. The structure includes five pieces with recessed center panels and four raised pieces on each side of the center. 

These are minimalistic yet very elegant. 

Recessed Cabinets

The recessed cabinets have a center panel that is usually lower than the surrounding framework. They have squared frames with miter joints and tend to be transitioned into many designs. They are quite similar to the shaker style but tend to have a shallower recess. 

Raised Panel Cabinets

Raised panel cabinets have a contoured center panel instead of a recessed one. The center panel is raised with stylistic grooves and is on level with the frame. The contoured designs make it quite versatile and popular especially in farmhouses of cottage styles. 

Arched and Cathedral Style 

Raised and recessed panel cabinets both have an arch. These arches are a great way to make up for further new styles. They could be made into classic arches or even something fancier like cathedral arches. Doors with double arches have arches on both top and bottom rails. The cathedral arch on the other hand is a lot more indented and steeper in comparison to the traditional arch. However, for some people, they may seem quite old-fashioned or outdated but nevertheless, they are quite classic in their appearance. 

Bearboard or V-Groove

Cabinet doors may also be incorporated with bear board or v-grooves to add more detail or flair. These are a casual style with vertical planks that are separated by beads or ridges between the slats. You may find beadboard cabinets with decorated recessive panels. 

Flat Panel Cabinets 

These are also known as slab cabinets as they do not have frames, unlike the other cabinet door styles. As the name implies they are literally flat solid slabs of wood or other material that may be available in many designs. These are highly suitable for contemporary minimal style themes. 

Mullion and Glass Panel

These cabinets include a center glass panel surrounded by a wood-like frame. The wood may have additional styles. These are usually there for those who might want to show off whatever they plan to put inside those cabinets. 

The transparency of the glass panel may depend upon your choice. They may be primarily used for kitchen cabinets and are used to show off their content. These glass panels may be prone to damage if slammed too hard therefore soft close mechanisms are recommended for these. 


Louvered cabinets have a sophisticated design aimed to have a ventilation system through a series of narrow open or closed slabs. They are becoming more and more popular due to the overall spacious look that they tend to give off. 

Open Frame 

Open-frame cabinets are just like their name implies, they have a single open wooden frame with no center panel. They are a lot like the mullion just without the center glass panel. However, they are adjustable enough to insert a customized panel if needed.


Once you have chosen the style that you want for your place, you can proceed to further make adjustments in the design or color. You can go for whatever fits your personal taste or budget.

Cohesive cabinet styles around your whole place can make it appear more aesthetic and complete in its look. 

You can also online shop cabinet doors or get them replaced conveniently if you feel burdened about going to various places for what you desire.

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