How to Convert A PDF to Word with iTop


If you’re looking for a way to convert a PDF to Word, there’s no need to download any special software. With iTop, you can easily convert your PDFs into Word documents with just a few clicks. So how does it work? Read on to find out!

PDFs and Word Documents: An Overview

There are two main ways to convert a PDF to Word: using online tools or using professional desktop software.

Using online tools is often free, but the quality of the conversion can be poor. Desktop software usually costs money, but the quality of the conversion is much better.

We recommend using a professional desktop PDF to Word converter like iTop PDF if you need to convert a PDF to Word for professional use.

Why Convert PDFs to Word?

If you have a PDF document that you need to convert to a Word document, there are a few different ways that you can do this. One of the easiest ways is to use iTop, which is a free online PDF to Word converter.

The iTop allows you to convert your PDF document into a Word document in just a few seconds. All you need to do is upload your PDF document onto the iTop website and then select the “Convert” button. Once your PDF has been converted, you can then download the Word document onto your computer.

The iTop is an easy and convenient way to convert PDFs to Word documents, and it’s also completely free!

How to Convert a PDF to Word with iTop

To use iTop, simply go to their website and upload your PDF file. Once it has been uploaded, you’ll be able to select whether you want to convert the entire document or just certain pages. You can also choose the format that you want the Word document to be in, such as DOC or DOCX.

Once you’ve selected all of the options that you want, simply click on the “Convert” button and your PDF will be converted into a Word document within seconds. It’s really that easy!

ITOP PDF to Word Converter Review: Get the Best Deal

If you’re looking for a way to convert PDFs to Word, you may be wondering if iTop is the right choice. In this review, we’ll take a look at the features of iTop and how they can benefit you.

The iTop PDF Editor offers a number of features that make it an attractive option for converting PDFs to Word. First, iTop is free to download and use. This makes it an ideal choice for those who need to convert PDFs on a budget.

Second, iTop offers a number of options for customizing your conversion. You can select the output format, page range, and even resolution. This allows you to tailor the conversion to your specific needs.

Third, iTop supports batch conversion. This means that you can convert multiple PDFs at once, which can save you time if you have many files to convert.


Converting a PDF to Word with iTop is simple and easy to do. Just follow the steps in this article and you’ll be able to convert your PDFs into Word documents in no time. With iTop, you can easily manage your PDFs and ensure that they’re accessible from anywhere. Give it a try today!


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