Importance of look at reviews before a purchase


How important are customer reviews to the shoppers buying products? Indeed, very important and more than you can think of. According to recent research, 90% of the consumers go through online reviews before actually visiting a business and buying its products. Surprised? We have got many more fun, interesting facts that will help you understand the importance of look at reviews before making a purchase decision. Enjoy reading!

Reasons why it is important to look at reviews before purchase

1. Understand the Product

One fine day, you come across a product advertisement while browsing through social media but, have no clue what the product is and how the product is. This is exactly when product reviews come step in and help you understand the product which is being marketed and sold. The product, its functions, directions of use, pros and cons, and longevity are some of the basic topics that a product review discuss. For instance, if you have read through a review, you would be surely aware of the different sizing and buying options that are available on a particular product.

2. Hear from Actual Customers

Most of the product reviews entail reviews from the actual customers who have purchased the product and have had experience using them. A seller may market the product as easy to use and clean, however, with the customer reviews, you will deeply gain insight into whether this marketing claim holds or is phony.

3. Look for Buying Options

Products come in different packages and configurations and in case you are buying from a third-party website then you may not be aware of the other buying options. For instance, let’s consider that you want to buy a microwave oven for your kitchen with limited space. In this scenario, opting for a small-sized yet multi-functional oven will best suit your requirement than the one that is a large-sized oven available on the third-party site. This is where looking at reviews can be of utmost help to make you aware of other buying options that would be best for you.

4. Gain insight into the important details of a product

Product reviews are written after thorough research and this is why we say that you can expect an in-depth analysis of any product that you want to buy. Post having a brief understanding of the product, you can delve into details that are mentioned below:

  • What material is the product made of?
  • What are the directions to use the product?
  • How durable is the product and what is its longevity?
  • Is the product environmentally friendly or is harmful?
  • What are the distinguishing features of the product when compared to similar products of other brands?
  • Is there any guarantee or warranty offered for the product?
  • What are cleaning instructions or maintenance activities involved?

In case you are interested in purchasing any product, and especially if it is an expensive one, you should have answers for all the questions that we have mentioned above on your hand before actually hitting the ‘Buy’ button.

Make Smarter Buying Decisions

Customers have come a long way from buying a product based just on the sellers’ marketing tactics and information. Customers now have access to multiple product reviews at their fingertips and they can know everything about the product before spending money on it. Be it about its most notable features or buying options, product cost, or return details, customers can compare it against other products in the market to see if they are making the right buying decision. So, to make smarter buying decisions, make sure you once check out, a website that leads in the price and product comparison space in the online shopping space.

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