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The primary goal of any form of marketing is to create credibility as a brand. In a highly competitive market that is awash with marketing messages that people are exposed to every day, they tend to turn to tried and tested goods and solutions. Customers tend to be more loyal to brands they have faith in. The more confidence one has in the brand, the greater chances they are of giving the company a sale.

Ninety-six percent of effective B2B content marketers believe that their target customers view their site as a reliable source. Why? Content marketing fulfills people’s informational requirements, allowing them to understand brands’ services, why they are essential, and what impact they’re likely to impact their lives. This is why blogs are an efficient marketing strategy for bringing users to sites even today.

Social media is the ideal platform for content marketing, particularly in the case of Instagram, which is a platform that has been designed to draw immediate attention to things that are visually captivating for viewers. Since it’s the second-most popular platform, Facebook is a prime location for businesses looking to funnel more visitors towards blogs on WordPress blogs. Here’s how to achieve it.

1. Make use of your Instagram Bio as a call-to-action

Although your Instagram profile offers trim customization options, there’s one crucial area you should never overlook: your bio. Optimizing your Instagram bio gives room to include the keywords you need to maximize your search results. It can also serve as a call to action across your entire profile, promoting your blog’s website.

First, you must enter the URL of your WordPress blog as your primary URL in your Instagram profile. It’s the only link you’ll find across your Instagram profile, So make sure it counts. You can utilize the link to take users to your blog’s homepage or to a particular post that is suggested when you wish to promote your most recent or popular posts. You can buy Instagram followers with Mr. Insta.

Then, you can add the call-to-action phrase to your bio that invites users to click the link to go to your website. If you choose to promote a particular post, include the title or subject to generate more curiosity. This will help you bring in more people who are likely to read your post.

Tip: To draw attention to your hyperlink and call-to-action phrase, add emojis or other special characters that draw the attention where you’d like them to be. Arrows with colors are famous, and a handful directs downwards to the URL.

2. helpful post excerpts from each Entry.

Offer your followers visitors a glimpse of the blog’s content in excerpts of each post on Instagram feed posts and Stories. The way you format your most memorable quotes, insightful tips, and helpful how-tos will quickly make your blog an ongoing and reliable source of knowledge.

Creating Instagram feed posts is simply an issue of inserting text into the image before putting it in your queue for scheduled posts. The full title of your blog can be included in the caption, along with a call-to-action wording to click on the link on your bio.

If you’re looking to show smaller-sized images on Instagram Stories, you’ll have to think about them differently. Although Stories is already limited in options for fonts and styles and features like stickers and gifs, it’s possible to improve your primary photo first.

When you download the Instagram Stories editor (like Made, available for iOS and Android), you can quickly create stunning text posts in the app and upload them directly to Stories. Suppose your account for business is more popular than 10,000 followers. In that case, the account will be granted an added benefit that includes The swipe feature that allows you to have links directly to your Stories so that followers can view the blog post the post is referencing directly.

Tip: Remember that you save the Story posts in the form of Highlights for your profile after you’re done to make them available to all users who have stayed past the 24-hour time limit.

3. Use Blogs to Repurpose Visuals for Social Media

Using images in blog posts is the best method to make content more enjoyable to read. Visuals help reinforce the message the blog posts are trying to convey, assist in breaking up the text to make it better reading, and serve as examples and aids for tricks and tutorials.

To broaden the scope of your Instagram posts’ content and promote your website in a manner that doesn’t just involve posting excerpts of your blog, you can repurpose images for social media. In most cases, you’ll be able to select the header or highlight image to the top of your page and repurpose the idea to post on Instagram.

With the Instagram photo editing program like Instasize (available for iOS and Android devices), you can upload any image to crop it, turn it, and alter the design. Making adjustments to colors, adding filters, and experimenting with shadows are just a few things that you could do to make your image more appealing on social. Adding text or borders to the photo can make it unique enough to not appear like the exact copy of what you have on your blog.

It is also possible to automatically use an application like WP Social Post to post posts from your site to the Instagram page. This plugin lets you make the Instagram posts for all your newly created WordPress blog posts and WooCommerce products and specific post types. This free plugin is easy to use, while the professional version offers options for hashtags and delays between posts, image resizing, and many more. If you’re using a program like Uncanny Automation, it is easy to create a recipe that will automatically share your blog’s post image after it’s published.

4. Make use of video to showcase your Top Tips

According to research from the past, 92% of marketers who will be using video in 2020 say they will use that as an essential element in their marketing strategy. This is the highest of any year before 2015. 88% of them also say that videos have a significant return on investment. In this scenario, it is a matter of funds and time to make introductory videos to add to the profile of your Instagram page; it will not hurt to determine if your videos will be beneficial to your target audience.

Take the best content posted on your website and translate these into video form. This is an excellent way to group similar blog posts under a single theme. It can be released as a summary using three options: Instagram posts, Instagram stories, or IGTV.

IGTV is superior to other platforms because it supports longer-form video content, ideal for lengthy explanations. The main benefit for those who want to drive users toward their WordPress blog is that the links within IGTV descriptions can be clicked and not like those found in the other Instagram posts. If you make a video that summarizes your blog’s content, it is possible to hyperlink to the individual posts in the caption to direct viewers to read more.

5. Engage with Followers and Readers

The advent of social media provides unimaginable possibilities for brands to communicate with followers directly. Although the WordPress blog might have an online blog comment area where users can share their opinions, they may be ignored. To increase your content’s overall engagement and engagement with your content, it might be necessary to move this metric away from the blog itself and onto your social media.

Respond to any comments regarding your blog posts regardless of whether they’re good. You will generally be able to learn your readers’ opinions and identify areas you can improve upon. To further enhance this, make them involved and increase their confidence in your content by giving them the ability to influence what you decide to do next.

If you want to use WordPress polls and polls on your website, you can also utilize Instagram Stories to ask followers to share their opinions. You can use the poll sticker to let users decide on the following topic or use the feature of question and answer for them to suggest ideas of their own. Additionally, you can invite your in-house thought leader to be available to answer any concerns or questions regarding the expertise of your company. These efforts could be accompanied by a call-to-action that directs visitors to your blog for more knowledge.

6. Create an Instagram Campaign Plan your Instagram Campaign

Last but certainly not last not least, none of the strategies can be carried out in isolation. Making a plan to coincide with content published on your blog should be your top priority before releasing any content. This will allow you to maximize the time for a promotion that each post should receive while also sharing older content to maintain traffic within those areas (especially when the seats are well-known).

To simplify the process, make sure you have the right tools to help you plan your campaign’s calendar. Like organizing your editorial calendar on WordPress, you could also contain an effective social media strategy. Finding out the blog posts are relevant to which blog posts and how to promote it can take a lot of time and research, so you should look into the various software options available to save time, regardless of whether they provide the ability to schedule a large number of posts or provide quick reviews.

These are some essential tips to keep in mind when you want to drive traffic to your blog posts from Instagram. Of course, all of these efforts hinge on the strength of your blog content itself. Before undertaking promotions on any social media site, make a pass through each post you want to share and double (or triple) check to see if there are any outstanding errors, formatting issues, or mistakes to catch and correct before distribution.

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