Insight EMR vs DocuTAP EMR: Everything You Should Know!


Electronic medical record solutions are extremely useful in healthcare facilities and private clinics, and two of the most efficient choices are regarded: Insight EMR and DocuTAP EMR.

Although different institutions call for different EHR/EMR solutions, it is clear from the feedback that Clinicient Insight Go and DocuTAP EMR both deliver excellent medical services in their domains. All of them, notwithstanding their variations, offer excellent medical care.

Electronic medical record (EMR) solutions are extremely useful in healthcare facilities and private clinics, and two of the most efficient choices are regarded: Insight EMR and DocuTAP EMR. These days, electronic medical records (EMRs) are ubiquitous in the healthcare sector; this review compares two top-notched EMR systems: Insight EMR vs DocuTAP EMR.

Insight EMR:

Insight EMR is a cloud and application therapy-specific EMR platform that aims to ease the administrative load of administering treatment by providing a centralized hub for scheduling, documentation, telemedicine, and monitoring. Appointment management is made more accessible for medical staff, and the feature can be connected with current systems if desired.

Therapists may speed up their charting without sacrificing accuracy or compliance with standards thanks to the recording suite built into Insight EMR. Billing is streamlined, the payment process is sped up, and the automated software cuts down the number of false denials in accordance with the rules outlined in insurance policies. Modern business analytics can assess the fundamentals whenever it is required, giving doctors vital insights into the health of their practices.

You may schedule appointments and collect payments from patients using Insight EMR simultaneously. Individual demands can be met by creating a separate account for each user and tailoring that account to those users. To learn more about Insight EMR, sign up for a free Insight EMR demo by reaching out to FindEMR now.


DocuTAP EMR is a cloud-based system that also has the practice administration and RCM capabilities. Although it was designed with urgent care in mind and may be used on tablets, it can also be adapted for family medicine, pediatrics, and employee compensation. Experity Health EMR is the result of a company merged of DocuTAP EMR and Practice Velocity.

With the use of pre-made forms, uniformity may be preserved across the board. The easy charting feature of the software enables multiple staff members to chart at once, standardizing care across settings. Additionally, a DocuTAP demo of the system is available upon request.

DocuTAP EMR allows for more efficient patient check-ins, patient information, insurance validation, and patient bills. In addition, a patient portal assists keeping patients actively engaged with their care, and a dashboard simplifies the process of discovering and solving trends across the clinic.

Insight EMR vs DocuTAP EMR Incentives:

Insight EMR Incentives:

  • An essential benefit of the Insight EMR is the ease with which consultations may be scheduled. Insight EMR’s calendar planner is only one example of a helpful tool for managing patients’ medical appointment schedules. Using the scheduler’s consultations feature is simple. Having patient template formats accessible through the patient portal is one way of keeping patients updated and facilitating engagement at your ease. Using computerized appointment scheduling, patients can rapidly verify in the medical facility.
  • Before filing a claim, Insight EMR thoroughly checks for coding errors and incorrect data, enabling prompt correction. The state-of-the-art EMR system reviews all initially denied claims and determines the likely denial reasons. The most typical causes of claim rejections will be discussed. This is to ensure that patients and health insurance companies are kept up to date on payments and any changes that may occur.
  • You may receive a closed-look perspective of health and financial processes with the help of Insight EMR’s analytical and monitoring features. Because the system first highlights the most pressing problems, it’s efficient to quickly address the factors demanding attention.
  • Insight EMR’s full features are available to clinics, including the InsightGO mobile therapy documentation program. It is emphasized that Insight EMR works with a wide variety of devices. By providing easy-to-use features, helpful notifications, and a streamlined interface, InsightGO helps therapists save time and maintain patient records compliance.

DocuTAP EMR Incentives:

  • The system also enables users to examine their medical information and make payments. The company has a 98% client retention rate, and 40% of urgent care centers use DocuTAP. The E/M code can be automatically populated within the software for easier case tracking.
  • DocuTAP’s electronic medical record (EMR) provides a color-coded scheduling tool in its PM module. Customers can verify their healthcare insurance and obtain helpful information at check-in time, such as copay percentages.
  • The billing functions of the application, in particular, simplify the process of receiving payment from patients. The dashboard is a convenient resource for customers to view their account status and transaction history.
  • Insight EMR meets all HIPAA regulations. The Drummond Group has recognized this software with their Meaningful Use 2014 Edition Certificate. Analytics and business information are made available so that customers can better understand their data and spot clinical and financial trends, effectiveness outliers, and chances to better staff clinics.

Insight EMR vs DocuTAP EMR Reviews:

Insight EMR Reviews:

If you have at least two therapists in your practice, whether they specialize in physical therapy, speech-language pathology, or occupational therapy, Insight is a great choice. The billing, documenting, and scheduling systems are described as “simple to use” in several reviews. While users note that customer assistance might improve, they also note that the program tutorials are handy. But, if customer services are improved more, the system might be more swift to install and leverage with a low learning curve.

DocuTAP EMR Reviews:

The analytics and business insight features of DocuTAP EMR have been lauded, particularly the report-generating functionality. For example, its user-friendliness in creating and updating patient records is highly regarded since it allows medical professionals to devote more time to the individual attention their patients receive.

Several reviewers, however, have noted that the system might use some work from its customer service department to make responses to user inquiries faster and eliminate any delays that may occur.

Final Verdict:

While there are undoubtedly many other electronic medical records (EMR) options available, both DocuTAP and Insight EMR are highly specialized in their respective medical service areas and are often considered optimum solutions. By the way, whatever system you use, be sure it meets most of your requirements and is within your price range. Lastly, you can also give a try to the DocuTAP EMR demo and the Insight EMR demo, for they will provide you with a brief idea of how these systems work.’

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