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In an era of digital transformation, the Government of Uttar Pradesh has taken a significant step towards modernizing its Human Resource Management system with the implementation of Manav Sampada.

This innovative initiative aims to streamline and digitize various HR processes, making them more efficient, transparent, and accessible for the state’s employees.

What is Manav Sampada?

Manav Sampada, translated as “Human Resources” in English, is an integrated online platform developed by the Government of Uttar Pradesh to manage the human resources of various departments and organizations under its jurisdiction.

It encompasses a range of services, from recruitment to retirement, with the aim of providing a seamless experience for both employees and administrators.

manav sampada uttar pradesh
manav sampada uttar pradesh

Key Features of Manav Sampada

1. Online Recruitment Process

One of the standout features of Manav Sampada is its online recruitment process. Job vacancies are advertised, applications are submitted, and interviews are conducted through the platform. This not only reduces paperwork but also ensures a standardized and transparent selection process.

2. Employee Self-Service Portal

Manav Sampada provides employees with a self-service portal where they can access their personal information, view salary details, apply for leaves, and even download important documents like pay slips and tax statements. This empowers employees with greater control over their own information.

3. Leave Management System

The platform offers an efficient leave management system where employees can apply for different types of leaves such as casual leave, earned leave, and medical leave. Supervisors can approve or reject leave requests digitally, minimizing delays and paperwork.

4. Performance Management

Manav Sampada incorporates a performance management module that allows for the setting of performance goals, periodic evaluations, and feedback sessions. This ensures that employees are recognized and rewarded for their contributions.

manav sampada uttar pradesh
manav sampada uttar pradesh

5. Training and Development

The platform facilitates the identification of training needs for employees and tracks their participation in various training programs. This promotes continuous learning and skill development among the workforce.


Q1. Who can access Manav Sampada?

Manav Sampada is accessible to all government employees in Uttar Pradesh, including those working in different departments, ministries, and organizations.

Q2. How secure is the platform?

The platform employs robust security measures to protect sensitive employee data. Access to certain information is restricted based on roles and permissions, ensuring that only authorized personnel can view or modify specific data.

Q3. Can employees update their personal information on Manav Sampada?

Yes, employees have the ability to update certain personal information through the self-service portal. However, any changes to critical information like name or identification details may require additional verification.

Q4. How does Manav Sampada benefit administrators?

Administrators benefit from streamlined processes, reduced paperwork, and centralized access to employee information. This leads to more efficient HR operations and better decision-making.

Q5. Is training provided for using Manav Sampada?

Yes, the government conducts training sessions and workshops to familiarize employees and administrators with the platform. Additionally, there are user manuals and online resources available for reference.


Manav Sampada stands as a testament to Uttar Pradesh’s commitment to modernize its administrative processes. By leveraging technology to revolutionize human resource management,

the government has not only enhanced efficiency but also improved the overall work experience for its employees. As Manav Sampada continues to evolve, it sets a benchmark for other states to follow in their pursuit of efficient and transparent HR practices.

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