NetBase Quid: Impacts of Social Media Monitoring


Social media marketing is no longer about creating and posting engaging and relevant content to attract a potential audience. You will be missing a lot of information that mentions your brand. On top of that, you have to manage several social media platforms and ensure you are at the top.

Suppose you spend more time switching from one social platform to the other and engaging in comprehensive manual searches for indications instead of interacting with product mentions. In that case, it is high time to have a social media monitoring strategy. It will help you restructure your product mentions and place your search parameters in one place to save you time. This way, you will focus on responding to important messages and using your insights to develop a well-structured strategy.

Social monitoring is essential in your social media customer care strategy. It is a PR crisis prevention, helps identify product advocates, and enhances response time. Responding to customers has proven to lead to robust product loyalty among consumers.

What is Social Media Monitoring?

Social monitoring is all about responding to your engagements and watching out for your online brand mentions. It is a reactive strategy with all types of talk about your products and services, repair complaints, product questions, and reviews. Social media monitoring is not about direct mentions and comments on your content. It is more than the mentions you get about your brand without being tagged. This is why it is essential to have a social monitoring tool.

Social monitoring is different from social listening. In monitoring, you have to respond well. But when using social media listening, you take the general outlook of your brand and different market trends that will help you make future marketing decisions. They are both valuable to a business brand but worthy of knowing their differences.

Social media listening and monitoring are often used together in a business’s social strategy. While social listening leads to broad business insights, it follows the same process as social monitoring and helps you discover critical information from the untagged mentions. A business cannot listen without monitoring and vice versa. You can tag received information to help you in generating listening reports and queries.

Benefits of Social Media Monitoring

  • Social monitoring helps your loyal customers feel appreciated, supported, and heard. Business researchers found that 59% of customers use social media to talk about their experience with a specific brand. 48% reach out because they had a bad experience, while 47% reach out on social media because of a brand question or concern. Have you ever reached out to a company through Facebook or any social media platform and received a silent treat? It must have been annoying and affected how you perceived the brand. The average time you should respond to a customer’s question or concerns on social media is within 12 hours. When you give them a timely response, they are likely to become your loyal customers.
  • Monitoring helps with your brand sentiment and perceptions. When you use it regularly, you can keep an eye on your product keywords and incoming social media notifications.
  • It helps you scrutinize and identify important messages. Instead of going through your entire Twitter or Instagram timeline hoping to find your brand mention, you use social monitoring strategy to get alerts when your brand terms are mentioned. If your consumers are complaining about your brand, giving them a faster response might help dismiss the PR nightmare.

NetBase Quid is a digital platform that helps businesses monitor their social media analytics and innovative marketing strategies. Most businesses find it hard to use social media monitoring in their campaigns. NetBase Quid comes in handy in this by offering solutions to these challenges in a single platform. The company’s solutions are AI programs that help you analyze a large amount of information and generate more insights.

Final Verdict

Businesses use social media monitoring to identify insights and turn them into future product marketing. Any social media tool you decide to use in your brand should help you achieve your business objectives.

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