Powerful iOS 15 Features You must Know


iOS 15 and iPadOS 15 bring a lot to the table, including significant improvements to critical apps like Messages and FaceTime, upgrades to Siri, etc. Let’s explore the remarkable features you may have missed and must try immediately.

Share Location

If you’re in an unknown location, it is best to share iPhone location with friends and family. Your loved ones will monitor your movement and ensure you are on the right path.

Enable location sharing by going to Settings > Privacy > toggle on the Location Services option.

After tapping on Location Services, you can personalize sharing permissions for specific applications. For instance, you can stop Facebook Messenger from tracking your location by disabling it.

Drag-and-drop Feature

The drag-and-drop feature is included in iOS 15, making it easier for users to navigate their devices. Thanks to this feature, you can pick up a link, image, or text from any application and drag and drop it into another application.


The Focus feature is added to iOS, and this flyers apps and notifications according to the user’s wish. For example, if you have chosen a Focus mode that blocks incoming notifications, your status will be shown to others in Messages.

iOS suggests different Focus modes for different occasions. You can select from these modes or customize them according to your specific requirements.

After creating a custom Focus mode for working, sleeping, working out, or swimming, it will be synced with your Apple devices.


FaceTime does more than video calls in iOS 15. You can share media and your screen with SharePlay.

Start a FaceTime call with your loved ones and tap SharePlay. Then, tap Share My Screen. Everyone on the call can see your screen and know what you are doing. However, if you wish to share videos, photos or music, swipe up from the screen’s bottom and go to your phone’s home screen. Then, you can start sharing the apps or files you want.

Moreover, you can play music in the Music application or start streaming videos. Everyone on the video call will listen to the same music and watch the same video.

Unlock the Phone with a Face Mask on

Face ID recognition registers faces while users are wearing a face mask. Update your phone to iOS 15.4 and leverage this feature.

So the next time you need to unlock your phone, you don’t have to open your face mask.

Live Text

Hold your camera and capture texts anywhere, including a road sign, restaurant menu, or book. Then, you can paste it into a document and edit the text. Therefore, it isn’t a simple picture of the text but an editable text that you can change before sharing it with someone.

Use the Live Text feature by opening the application where you want the text to appear, such as email. Then, tap wherever you want to place the text and tap Scan Text. Next, position the camera to capture the text you wish to insert and choose Insert.

Also, you can open any picture in the Photos application with text and then tap on the text in the image. To encompass the text you need, drag the highlighted field and tap the highlighted field. Then, select Copy.

Remove Home Screen Pages

App Library was introduced with iOS 14, which stores all the phone applications. Thanks to this functionality, Apple users were allowed to disable irrelevant Home Screen pages.

In iOS 15, users can delete the Home Screen pages.

You can do this by tapping any empty space on the Home Screen and tapping the dots above the Dock. Then, choose to Uncheck the Home Page you wish to remove and tap the minus sign. Finally, select Remove, and that’s it.

Use Spotlight from the Lock Screen

With iOS 15, Spotlight has been significantly upgraded. Users are offered rich search results; world technology 789 you can even search within pictures.

The ability to access Spotlight right from the lock screen is a subtle tweak that Apple forgot to mention, but users quickly notice the change. The feature may come in handy when you quickly search for a contact to make a call.

Safari Tab Groups

Finally, you can create tab groups in Safari on your iPhone. Start Safari and tap the Open Tabs button > tap Menu > create New Empty Tab Group.

Whenever you open a new tab, it will belong to this group. Also, you can repeat the same process to create different tab groups to separate your research and make it easier to collate data.

Final Thoughts

iOS 15 offers users exciting features to transform how they use their iPhones. The ones mentioned above are only the tip of the iceberg. It would be best if you continued exploring to find more unique features and functionalities.

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