Things to know about Asbestos and why does it have to be removed?


It is widely known that asbestos is dangerous to everybody’s health. This not only causes people sickness but also severe and deadly diseases. Today, it is fully banned which is why the removal of asbestos is a must mostly in places around the world. But before, asbestos was really at the peak of building buildings, and in every construction that happens asbestos is becoming part of it. This is the spotlight of construction in every country because of its costings which are known inexpensive compared to other materials, anywhere you can have this and this is widely available and strong building materials can be used for insulation. Because of the common use of asbestos, the toxin is also ranging which made the asbestos removal Dandenong North to be removed. What is asbestos? Let us talk more about this dangerous mineral.

Asbestos is a naturally occurring mineral

Answering the question of what is asbestos, this is a mineral, fibrous silicate mineral which is composed of very fine needle-like fibers that are extremely toxic. This is well-known for its appearance and soft consistency but before this thing is achieved, the raw asbestos has to be destroyed to extract some other minerals that are in it. It can resist heat and absorb some more organic materials such as resins and polymers. There are big companies that take advantage of it because it is a naturally occurring mineral, they started using this fiber to intensify other products by combining it with cement, paper, cloth, and yarn, more likely with the purpose of building buildings. 

Asbestos that was used in the early era

In studies, asbestos was already used in the early era of the times. it became extremely popular in the late 1800s which is known to be the Industrial era, although there is evidence that proved the usage of the fiber as early as 2500 B.C. Since this material can resist heat, this is used as the insulator in boilers and pipes of steam engines. Studies have only discovered that it can be mixed with cement to generate a cheaper yet stronger and more fire-resistant product. This is the start of the booming of the interest of those companies way back most especially the construction companies.

Asbestos was in thousands of products

Asbestos was used commercially on a large scale mainly in insulation, fireproofing, acoustics, and anti-condensation in buildings or any infrastructure. This is coined as the magic mineral because of its unbelievable chemical composition and properties. Because of the numerous advantages that construction company and any other building materials companies found in it, the material is mixed and produce numerous products including tiles, cement, roofing, road signs, reinforced plastics and gaskets, and many more.  

Asbestos in 6 types

Asbestos had its differences basically with the color scheme of each. It has the color white, brown, and blue, and some are not by color but by name and rareness. The most common type is white asbestos due to its physical and chemical properties. A twirly and gentle fiber, white asbestos, known as chrysotile, is the most adaptable material among other types and can withstand the highest level of heat and alkaline responses. It was generally mixed with cement used in tops, walls, ceilings, and floors of residential and non-residential properties. The asbestos that is considered the strongest and most dangerous is the blue one. This has a high resistance to acids and was extremely used for thermal insulation and cement sheets. Brown asbestos was also utilized in thermal insulation but was more widespread in anti-condensation and fire-resistant products due to its high resistance to heat. 

Why asbestos is being removed nowadays?

It is obvious that asbestos made the building of building more efficient and convenient for the builders and materials but it has some consequences that studies have proven and it talks specially to the health of the human being. Here are some reasons why it has to be removed and banned.

Asbestos causes severe damage to the body

The data is worldwide and the fact about asbestos is hard to conceal so this has to be ended. The use of asbestos continued to grow in the early 1900s and a few years after the peak of the utilization of asbestos, health concerns started emerging. Many people are complaining about the asbestos effect and more of the health risks were published due to asbestos. There are years of research and experts found out that asbestos, talking about particularly its dust, becomes dangerous when inhaled or even ingested as the human anatomy cannot break t down, making it stuck in the body. It is unusual for the body wherein the intake is not being broken down. The dust is trapped which causes inflammation, scarring, and degrading of the cells leaving to extreme genetic deterioration in the body. What makes asbestos more difficult is that its fibers are microscopic and cannot be noticed, scented, or tasted, this only implies that it is hard to catch and control asbestos. Asbestos is a carcinogen, therefore, the longer one is exposed to its fibers, the more increased the risk for one to develop an asbestos-related disease. No precise amount of asbestos openness is declared safe by medical researchers.

It kills more

Asbestosis is an uncurable chronic lung disease that can be identified with shortness of breath, mostly fatigue, continuous cough, chest, and shoulder pain. Since there is no cure, the tendency of those who get the symptoms lead only to one thing which is death. Serious conditions may develop including pleural disease, lung disease, and mesothelioma. This also is a tumor that affects the lining of the lungs and can develop in the abdominal cavity or the heart. With severe respiratory complications, asbestos could be one of the strong reasons. This is the reason why some countries really banned this material. Asbestos exposure cannot only happen in workplaces such as factories and manufacturing plants but can also occur in public places like schools, shopping centers, and almost all commercial buildings. Workers who were exposed to asbestos can also bring some of its fibers home since the mineral can be airborne and can be trapped in clothes, shoes, and the skin. People who have been seen with asbestosis or mesothelioma have the right to file a legal claim for the damages. To avoid some pain and sickness, it should be handled carefully. The asbestos should be handled with care. Buildings that are supposed to have asbestos should be capped out by a licensed contractor and should be surveyed. Asbestos might bring some advantages but life ins more important than material things.

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