What Are Xero Timesheets?


Xero timesheets are a powerful tool that enables employees to log their work hours, breaks, and tasks. These timesheets serve as the foundation for payroll calculations, ensuring accurate payment to staff. Whether you run a small business or a large organization, mastering Xero timesheets can significantly enhance your workforce management.

Setting Up Xero Timesheets

  1. Access Timesheets:
  • In your Xero account, navigate to the Payroll menu and select “Timesheets.”
  • Click “Add Timesheet.”

Choose Your Employee and Period:

  • Select the relevant employee from the dropdown menu.
  • Choose the pay period to which the timesheet applies.

Record Work Hours:

  • Depending on your preference, select one of the following time entry methods:
    • Total Hours Worked: Record the number of hours worked per day, including partial hours. Specify different earnings rates and tracking categories if applicable. You can also add project entries in your web browser.
    • Start & End Hours: Log work hours and unpaid breaks, along with any relevant notes. You can also copy entries from the previous day.

Submit for Approval:

  • Once you’ve recorded the hours, submit the draft timesheet.
  • Specify the approver(s) who will review and approve the timesheet.

Benefits of Using Xero Timesheets

  1. Accuracy and Compliance:
  • Timesheets ensure precise recording of work hours, reducing errors in payroll calculations.
  • Compliance with labor laws and regulations becomes easier when you have detailed timesheets.


  • Eliminate manual data entry by allowing employees to input their hours directly.
  • Managers can quickly review and approve timesheets online.

Real-Time Insights:

  • Xero provides real-time visibility into your team’s hours worked.
  • Monitor employee productivity and allocate resources effectively.

Best Practices for Effective Timesheet Management

  1. Regular Review:
  • Managers should regularly review submitted timesheets.
  • Address discrepancies promptly and communicate with employees if adjustments are needed.

Project Tracking:

  • Use timesheets to allocate hours to specific projects or clients.
  • Link timesheet entries to relevant tracking categories for accurate cost allocation.

Mobile Access:

  • Employees can record hours via the Xero Me mobile app.
  • Encourage consistent usage to maintain accurate records.


Mastering Xero timesheets streamlines employee hour tracking, enhances payroll accuracy, and promotes efficient workforce management. Implement these best practices to maximize the benefits of this essential feature. Start using Xero timesheets today and empower your team with seamless time recording! Get started with Xero, along with SaasAnt’s powerful data integration tools, can significantly boost your operational efficiency and ensure accurate, real-time financial management for your business.

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