What Exactly is Full Stack Development Using MERN Stack? How to Become One?


If you want to be a full-stack developer to kick-start your career in web development, MERN stack is one of the most proficient skills you can master. 

For all the novice developers, what do you think the job of a full-stack developer is? In simple words, a full-stack development professional is someone who handles the all-round development requirements of a web application. It means a full-stack developer will be responsible for handling both the front-end as well as the back-end of a web app. 

Upon being a mern stack developer, you will obtain the same proficient results using MongoDB, Express.js, ReactJS and Node.js. If you are among the budding developers who want to become a MERN stack expert, this article will help you understand every necessary detail associated with it. Read along till the end. 

What do You Mean by MERN Stack?

MERN stack is among the popular tech stacks for creating dynamic UI of web apps. This collection of frameworks is used mostly for creating news aggregation, eCommerce, social media and CMS platforms. 

The companies such as Uber and Netflix have used the MERN stack as their web development technology. Thus, you can count on the demand it has in the global market! Learning this skill would help you bag numerous job opportunities from top MNCs around the world. 

ReactJS is known to be the best JS library and helps developers look after the UI of a web app. Express.js & Node.js look after the integral functionalities of the application. MongoDB is a database that handles unstructured data and can deal with large data volumes. 

To help you understand the MERN stack development approach in a more detailed manner, here is a brief overview of all of its components:

  • MongoDB

MongoDB is the NoSQL DBMS where data will be stored in the document format. It would have the key data pairs that will be similar to that of JSON objects. It enables the users to create schemas, tables, and databases. You would get the Mongo shell, which provides the JS interface for querying, deleting or updating the records. 

  • ExpressJS

ExpressJS is the Node.js framework that is used for simplifying the process of writing the backend codes. It will save you from the creation of multiple Node modules. If you intend to keep the code precise, ExpressJS provides various middleware. 

  • ReactJS

It is a JS library that allows the holistic development of UI for single-page applications or mobile applications. With this being part of the MERN stack development, you can now code JS and build interactive UI components. Here, ReactJS would use virtual DOM for executing everything. 

  • Node.js

Node.js is the open-source JS runtime environment enabling developers to run codes over the server itself. The developers can access NPM (Node Package Manager), enabling the users to select the packages or modules based on their development necessities. 

What are the Things You Should Keep in Mind to Become A MERN Stack Developer?

If you want to become a mern stack developer, then there are a few things you should be aware of in a systematic manner. It comes with a lot of components and might be overwhelming for you to understand if you are a beginner. Here are the six steps that you must follow to leverage the potential of the MERN stack in your web development career:

1. Develop Your Root Skills

The first thing you must do after you decide to be a MERN stack developer is learn CSS, HTML and JavaScript in detail. These are the root skills that you might need to master MERN stack development and create astounding web apps in the long run. 

2. Get A Detailed Understanding of Node.js

The next big step in becoming a MERN stack development professional is to master using its individual components. Start with Node.js. This technology is known to be the JS runtime environment, which enables developers to execute the codes beyond the browser. 

Thus, all budding developers must have a detailed knowledge of Node.js to take the next leap towards being a proficient MERN stack expert. 

3. Master the ReactJS Utilization

Among the components of the MERN stack, ReactJS holds the mantle of delivering interactive user interfaces for the web app. It is the JS library that is very popular among developers and gives the face to any web or mobile application. Mastering its fundamentals would help you be able to create responsive and engaging elements for your client’s web apps. 

4. Learn MongoDB

MongoDB, the NoSQL database of the MERN Stack, is one of the significant components of creating and running a web app. Learning it would help you sort, analyse and query the multiple databases that are part of the web app. The MongoDB framework is designed in a way such that it will store the JSON data natively. 

5. Work on Practical Projects

The next step in becoming a MERN stack developer is to work on real-time projects. When you work on real projects using the MERN concept, you will be more experienced with the foundational knowledge. Thus, implementing them for actual clients’ projects will be easier. 

6. Join the Community

Finally, join the enlarged MERN stack community, where you will get answers to all development complexities from skilled professionals. Moreover, if there’s any change or update in the MERN stack, you will get the latest insights immediately. 

Parting Words

MERN stack is an advanced-level technology for web app development. It combines popular JS concepts to help simplify and speed up the development process. Thus, this compilation of efficient JS frameworks has made it easy for developers to seek full-stack development as their primary career preference. 

Being a MERN stack developer enables you with skills to handle both front-end & back-end of a web app. It means your clients won’t have to hire two different professionals to handle the jobs individually. So, you definitely have a great career as a MERN stack professional. Just learn about it, and be prepared with the practical experience! 



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