What function do online teacher training platforms have in teachers’ professional development?



For teachers who teach online, having access to online learning tools has sparked a revolution in the classroom. Teacher training online has become a great resource for educators and classroom teachers, enabling them to teach speedily through a new form of knowledge sharing. This student-centered method is unusual in that students now have a say in their educational path, allowing teachers to spend their time and resources more effectively. Professionals can assist in refocusing through an online educational program.

Key Functions of Teacher Training Online Platforms

  1. Updating Knowledge

Teachers benefit from continuous professional development (CPD) through teacher training online platforms because new knowledge is obtained and applied to increase expertise. New information is always evolving, not just in our academic areas, but also in teaching approaches and techniques. For example, we have seen a movement in the teaching-learning process from a behaviorist to a constructivist approach in recent years. There are several more new trends and advancements that have emerged as a result of online training platforms.

New discoveries and breakthroughs are expanding the corpus of knowledge in a variety of fields. The knowledge area of courses ranging from languages to physics, arts to social sciences is expanding every day, and a teacher must keep up with these changes, which is only feasible when teaching professionals use online platforms. We cannot stay ignorant of these advancements in our subject area as instructors. A well-informed person exudes confidence and is regarded by his or her peers and students. If a teacher stays up with the latest advances in his or her profession, he or she will be able to reply to learners’ questions more effectively.

Improving Classroom Practices 

A competent teacher is a facilitator of learning as well as a strong communicator. He not only teaches, but he also learns from his students’ experiences in the classroom. S/he also uses teacher training online platforms to try to integrate new ideas, techniques, and technologies into the teaching-learning process, hence improving his/her teaching-learning process.

Dealing with Emerging Challenges 

Teachers are being asked to use teacher training online platforms to adopt new teaching and learning approaches. They should also include technology in the teaching and learning process. Teachers face a variety of issues as a result of these shifts. Managing the classroom without using physical punishment to maintain discipline, conducting formative evaluations, and teaching in inclusive classrooms are all difficult tasks.

A teacher in today’s classroom will face challenges such as dealing with diversity in the classroom, ensuring gender, caste, class, ethnic, and religious equity, making the classroom inclusive, using positive discipline instead of corporal punishment, instilling humane values, and ensuring social justice. Adopting these new methods is tough for many instructors. Some instructors, for example, who have worked in the old educational system for a long time are wary of new technologies and are hesitant to switch to a technology-mediated teaching and learning process. On the other side, the increased usage of technology by e-savvy youngsters makes instructors feel unprepared to educate them.

Professional Networking 

Unlike in the past, today’s era is one of teamwork rather than rivalry and solo effort. Individual capability is enhanced by teamwork, resource sharing, and networking rather than dealing with difficulties alone. Teachers learn the skill and attitude for cooperation and collaboration using online training platforms as part of CPD. As a result, the capacity to use technology to facilitate the exchange of information, ideas, and experiences, as well as project collaboration, is necessary.

Professional networking is necessary not only for educational purposes but also for discussing and reflecting on professional issues in a group setting. More experienced and competent colleagues can give excellent advice and facilitation in such networked systems. CPD opportunities provide us the potential to create a technology-mediated network and use that network to our professional advantage. Self-initiated professional development initiatives, as well as life-long learning, are now necessary.


In these times of global economic and political unrest, education budgets at the federal, provincial, and state levels are frequently slashed. Online learning is a fantastic approach to make up for a lack of access to instructional materials and time spent tracking student development. Teachers can quantify the practical advantages in terms of time-based efforts and burden reduction. 

Using an LMS, for example, allows teachers to easily design exams and quizzes from a pre-existing or constantly-growing question bank. The automated marking of those examinations and quizzes is also possible using LMS technology. The ability to track the digital assignments, as well as reuse or reconstruct a course curriculum using new course templates, are all practical advantages.

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Teacher training online platforms not only allow instructors to go beyond the course requirements, but it also encourage them to explore and learn ahead of schedule in a way that makes learning practical, relevant to today’s rising use of technology, and enjoyable.

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