Why Australians Should Be Gifting To Charities More


Australia is a great place with the world’s best beaches; they’ve invented Vegemite and Foster’s Lager and have some of the highest rates of charitable giving in the world. However, many Australians still don’t give back or bequests to charities. This post explores why Australians should be giving more to charity and how a change in attitude could make a huge difference to future generations and beyond.

Giving Back Is Important To Australians

Australia is a generous country, and Australians are more likely to donate to charities than the citizens of any other nation. The following are reasons to give to a bequest charity:

Tax benefits

The tax advantages of bequests are twofold: they can be made in a will and are exempt from capital gains tax. People who make bequests to charities of their choice don’t have to pay Capital Gains Tax on the value at the time of their death. In addition, there is no income tax payable by the beneficiary on any gift received from a donor who had died within seven years before it was received (or 10 years if it’s over $10,000).

Any Amount Can Make A Difference

An important thing to remember is that any amount can make a difference. Even if people don’t feel like they can give much, it will still be incredibly helpful to the charity. There’s no need to worry about how much their donation will be worth—it all counts!

It’s also important not to overthink whether or not people will see the gift as “enough.” It doesn’t matter if you give $10 or $100; giving is giving.

Charitable Giving Helps Make The World A Better Place

Charitable giving helps make the world a better place. Here are five reasons why Australians should be gifting to charities more:

  • Their contribution could save lives someday or at least make someone smile today! When people give generously, they tend to become more optimistic in general; this optimism then leads them toward taking more risks on behalf of others rather than themselves, which leads directly to making their community a safer place overall where everyone feels safe enough, not just to survive but thrive too! People who donate frequently also tend to show higher levels of optimism about their financial futures which means better health outcomes later down the road, so please don’t hesitate to donate whatever amount works best for your budget/time constraints.
  • They’ll feel good about themselves. Giving is one of the most effective ways to boost people’s moods and make them feel proud of who they are. Studies have shown that charitable donations can lift their spirits, improve self-esteem and even increase feelings of community belonging. These positive feelings can last for months after the donation, leaving them with an overall well-being that lasts well beyond any fundraising campaign or other event.
  • It will help make the community better too! Charitable giving is also known as “social capital” because it strengthens relationships among members of society. So when Australians give back to their communities, they strengthen social ties that bind everyone together as one big family (or village). This means less crime, more volunteerism, and better overall happiness among all its citizens.

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