Working Hard or Hardly Working? Find Out With Employee Monitoring Software


Global workplace analytics predicts that by 2025 nearly 22% of the workforce will work remotely. Many of the recent surveys show that people are finding themselves more productive working from home as compared to when they are demanded to be present at a workplace at a specific time by following strict patterns and routines. On the other hand, employers are not satisfied enough paying the same amount while the workers are far away. Technology has solved this problem once and for all by providing employee monitoring software. One of the best that can help both employees and satisfy the employers as well is the Ogy ogy. 

The software makes it easy for an employer to keep a check on all the remotely working forces. Making it easiest for them to know if the employees are working hard or hardly working. 

Work Schedule or Flexibility?

Work from home means flexibility in your work routine or following a strict pattern. It may depend upon the employees and employers and their mutual understanding. Either way, an employee monitoring software allows the user to monitor the screen activities of the target person at any time. You can know how much time was invested on a single task or if the daily or weekly productivity levels of the employees are satisfied or not. The screen monitoring feature gives you screenshots and short recordings of the activities with timestamp information. 

Don’t Forget The Basic Skype Protocol?

Although there is no proper dress code when you work from home, still some protocols must be fulfilled. For example, an important skype meeting with a client needs a professional attitude. You can monitor the skype chat of the employees related to work matters with the skype spy app offered by both the employee monitoring software. Read the chat messages and keep an eye on the media file, and documentation shared through the skype app. 

No More Office Gossip But Still Is the Environment Peaceful Enough?

Though work from home means no office gossip or random chats sessions still everyone needs a proper vibe to work. With the Mic Bug feature, you can know if the employees are enjoying the music time, or if they have any other kind of distraction. Mic bug feature allows the user to listen to all the sounds around the target person. 

Diversion Can Cost You Time:

Remote work meaning no more direct eye to check if you are chatting during working hours or playing the game. But not anymore as OgyMogy employee monitoring software reports about every social media activity of the target employee to the user. You can know how much time was wasted on Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, or any other app. 

Self Control Is the Key:

The spy app makes sure the employees know how to manage their work routine. An employer can even check their web browsing history as well. Users can check if the employees are wasting time on online shopping or any other game etc by tracking the web browsing history of the employees. 

Safety of Confidential Data is The Priority:

When employees are asked to work remotely that means they are partially responsible for the safety of confidential information or important data. On the other hand, an employer can make sure no employee becomes the source of illegal data sharing leakage with the help of  OgyMogy employee monitoring software. 

Team Coordination is Mandatory:

Even though team members are working separately and are not in direct contact , some things never change. For example, employees need guidance at a certain level so it is necessary that team members are in contact. OgyMogy employee monitoring software offers an instant messaging chat app feature. More than10 messenger and social media apps are covered by the app. That means users have remote access to WhatsApp, Snapchat, Skype, Line, Viber, Telegram. Whatsapp Spy App, Snapchat Spy App, Skype spy app, Line spy app, Viber spy app, Telegram spy app and more can be used by employers to keep under the strict eye. All the monitoring can help the user to know about private and group chat messages, incoming and outgoing call records, and media sharing. 

An important thing to mention here is that all the monitoring must be done through the company-owned device.

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