cPanel vs hPanel – What is Difference?


A control panel is a graphical user interface that enables you to manage your hosting and website without having to focus too much on the backend commands.

There are different types of control panels, such as cPanel, Direct Admin, and hPanel, and each has its unique set of features. This practical and quick top cpanel vps hosting with whm & control panel accounts at lowest cost upheld by fantastic client care. Many web hosting providers offer popular ones, like cPanel.

Those control panels allow users to manage domain names, install CMS applications, create and manage email accounts, upload website files, and many more.

Learn more about the Difference between cPanel and hPanel. Which cpanel vs hpanel is good for web developer?

What is cPanel?

cPanel is a popular Linux-based control panel for web hosting that is still the industry standard for most web developers. Everyone looking for low price unlimited pure whmcs services of cpanel reseller hosting option with custom name server then browse this site. Its simple interface enables users to manage web hosting accounts with ease. 

cPanel offers by many top web hosting providers like DomainRacer.

Since Web Host Manager (WHM) offers both whm vs cpanel graphical user interface and server management. You can operate your website in either of these settings, making cPanel appropriate for those who prefer the console over an intuitive and appealing design

I would suggest you try DomainRacer, which is one of the most affordable cPanel hosting providers on the market. The control panel you get with DomainRacer’s all hosting types.

You can easily manage your websites, domains, files, and databases conveniently from within your control panel. You can get in touch with their support staff at any time if you experience any hosting-related issues. The support team at DomainRacer cheap cpanel hosting providers is here to help you at any time.

What is hPanel?

hPanel is one of the control panels, sometimes known as a custom control panel. Every feature that is present in cPanel control panel is likewise present in hPanel. 

hPanel is another name for Hostinger cPanel. hPanel is a custom – built hosting control panel created by Hostinger that enables users to access and take full use of fundamental features like domain, email, file and database management, among others. 

It is a handy application that enables you to use the file manager, manage web hosting accounts, FTP users, email accounts, monitor bandwidth, disc space, domain name, and install software like WordPress, Joomla, and more.

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Which One is Better: cPanel vs hPanel?

Both are excellent web hosting control panels that any website owner may use. Many websites utilize cPanel, and some hosting companies also use hPanel, but many also use their own custom panels.

If you are looking for which cheap control panel cpanel versus hpanel is best for you, then I highly recommend you use cPanel. cPanel is more suitable for beginners and web developers. If you need affordable web hosting company that offers Linux based control panel affordable cpanel hosting, then you can check for DomainRacer.

The following are the benefits of cPanel:

  • Installation: The first advantage of using cPanel is that it is incredibly simple to set up. The installation procedure is fairly straightforward and is broken down into a few easy steps that the user may simply follow.
    • Features: Numerous features are available in cheap cPanel hosting, such as domain name settings, domain name registration and transfer, creation of backups, creation and management of emails, security features, and third-party CMS applications for extending functionality.
  • Interface: The control panel’s user interface is quite straightforward and easy to use. The graphic interface has been created to be very responsive and user-friendly. As a result, using their system’s control panel is completely simple for the users.

Just like other web hosting services, cPanel hosting is a hosting option that is included with cPanel. Depending on the web hosting company, cPanel will usually include an auto installer or package for CMS content management systems such as WordPress.

DomainRacer offers the fastest cPanel hosting backed up with the 21x fastest LiteSpeed server. You can manage all the services and management of your website in a single place that is called cPanel. 

Which Hosting Providers Offers cPanel and hPanel?

There are many web hosting companies available in the online market, so you can choose anybody you want to host your website quickly and for a reasonable price. 

You should keep in mind several crucial factors like security, reliability, and support while choosing the best web hosting provider. I can suggest DomainRacer web hosting companies that give the best performance of cPanel hosting.

The following is a selection of reliable and affordable web hosting companies:

  • DomainRacer
  • DedicatedCore

You can pick the one that best suits your website’s needs, but in my opinion, the first one is the greatest and most dependable web host. In comparison to other affordable cpanel hosting companies, DomainRacer is the most trustworthy and reasonably priced fastest cPanel hosting company.

The cPanel control panel is sometimes expensively priced by certain web hosts, but others, like DomainRacer, include it for free with all of their hosting packages.

You can check the complete pricing and plans on their official website.


There are numerous control panel options available, each with excellent features. Both cPanel and hPanel are used to manage the complete web hosting account to manage the resources. 

In this article, we covered cPanel vs hPanel and all the essential features of the best control panels. Each of the panels discussed above has a distinct footprint.  Finally, the ideal panel is the one that meets your needs.

cPanel is the control panel that allows you to handle the entire website with full control. Almost all Linux-based web hosting providers use cPanel.

DomainRacer is the fastest hosting provider and offers a number of free features. They offer the best hosting plan with cPanel. They will provide you with the best support and fast servers.

I hope it helps you and gives your ideas cpanel vs hPanel.

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