How to give a great sensual massage


A sensual massage or erotic massage does not necessarily mean sex. It is still a massage but it can include different strokes and techniques that cannot be used in a traditional massage. Sensual massages are used by couples to express feelings and provide a wonderful sensual experience to the recipient. Remember to give it thought the energy will go both ways during the massage.

We’ve put together some basic steps to consider when giving a sensual massage to your partner or client as a practitioner.

The environment

The environment is critical. Create a sensual environment with a combination of light, sound, scent, and temperature. The room temperature should be set so that it is warm enough to massage with little or no clothing. More often than not a sensual massage is performed undraped

Grooming yourself

Make sure you are showered and well-groomed. Pay special attention to hands and nails. If you are a guy and planning to massage a girl, make sure the body hair is well groomed. Don’t forget to think about the recipient and what they like.

Cleaning as part of the message

Especially before a massage, a warm bath with the therapist washing the receiver’s body is a great way to relax into the touch of the massage.


If your client or partner is a little nervous, first cover the buttocks with a towel that can be removed as they become more comfortable. A naked body creates a more sensual experience with uninterrupted strokes and even using the body as a massaging tool.


Before you begin, you can ask if there is anything the person doesn’t want to touch or doesn’t like. This helps you get an idea of how comfortable a person is and how to progress the sensual aspects of the massage.

General technology

If you’re trained, follow your own techniques, otherwise, start with areas of tension: back, shoulders, neck, and, for some, lower back and hips. The leg can be finished before the person turns around so you can wash your hands before starting at the font. Keep the movement fluid, and try to flow from one area to another with long, slow strokes. Try to avoid skin contact at any time. Use enough oil or lotion but be careful not to use too much. It is sufficient when the hand moves freely over the skin.

The touch

People vary widely in their preferences as to whether massage is sensual or therapeutic. Try a combination of light, ultra-light, and medium pressure. Deep tissue is often not considered sensitive but again the recipient may have a different perception. Encourage the recipient to tell you what they like and don’t like. Your subsequent messages with that person will quickly improve based on the response.

Erogenous zone

After a thorough relaxation, progress to include the inner thighs, back of the knees, inner wrists, face, and other known sensitive areas. Long gliding strokes give you a sensual massage and for non-tickling, include fingertip massage or feather touch. Be guided by body language and when in doubt ask if touching certain areas is okay.

What is Outcall Message? Things you want to know about Outcall messages in Singapore

If you’re new to spa or massage therapy, you may be wondering what Outcall Massage Singapore is. Why is it becoming popular these days? 

An outcall massage in Singapore is a type of massage where a therapist personally visits the client’s location, rather than the client receiving the massage at a spa or massage center.

This is an easy way for most clients especially if they lead busy lives. Outcall massages in Singapore are also very useful for clients who are housebound, less disabled, and ill.

Along with the above definitions, other commonly used terms are; Home Service Message, Housecarl Message, Onsite Message, or Mobile Message.

Today, many therapists who perform this type of massage procedure typically visit clients’ homes, hotel rooms, and business offices. They will bring along their massage table and other necessary tools and equipment. Of course, the tools depend on the type of message requested by the client.

Due to the fact that massage therapy is unfortunately sometimes confused with the sex industry, therapists who offer outcall massages in Singapore are usually careful and very forthright with their clients.

When a client calls for an appointment, the therapist will ask the following (but not limited to) questions to get more details to ensure there is no inappropriate service expected from the client.

1) Is this the first client to call?

2) Who referred or where did the client hear about the therapist?

3) How long is the client’s intended session?

4) Does the client prefer female or male therapists?

5) What kind of message does the client want?

6) When does the client want to massage?

7) Where does the client want the massage?

At the end of the call, the therapist will specify the rates and based on the agreement from the client, he will arrange transportation to the client’s place. Most of the time, a real therapist can remind the client that sexual services are not offered.

In some cases, a massage therapist will only offer in-home outcall massages in Singapore to trusted regular clients or clients recommended by other therapists.

I hope you have a great understanding of Outcall messages Singapore by now. Why not pick up the phone, check your local listings, and call one for a pampering session?


How you end a sensual massage or erotic massage will depend on the person, partner, or client and your own comfort level. Remember that this is their message and the ending should be according to their current feelings. A client returning to work may enjoy a bath to remove excess oil. Your partner may want to pursue more sensual playtime. The situation depends on you and your recipient. Just make sure the message is close enough that the recipient can distinguish it.

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