Intrinsically Safe Radios


Intrinsically Safe Radios are radios with certain safety features. This is an important feature when used in hazardous environments. You should never charge or install a radio or its battery in such an environment. This is also true for its accessories. Always make sure that they are in working condition before you use them. In addition, do not use radios or accessories that have been damaged or removed from their protective housing. This includes the ends of the cords and other parts that can be damaged or removed from the radio.

Hytera PD795IS

The Hytera PD795IS intrinsiclly safe radio is a great option for a variety of applications. This hand-held radio has a full keypad and is ATEX-certified. This means it can withstand dangerous atmospheres and operate without causing damage. The radio is also IP67-rated and MILSTD-810 certified.

The PD795IS has a total of 1024 channels, which are divided between multiple groups and sectors. This allows you to communicate between different sites. This feature is helpful in situations where you don’t need to be on a call immediately. Also, the PD795IS has an extended text message feature. You can send up to 256 characters.

Hytera two way radios also feature voice activation, which can be activated by voice. This feature is built into most business grade licence exempt two way radios. Activating voice activation requires pressing a special button combination or attaching a VOX-enabled headset or earpiece. This feature will also work in a noisy environment, but will require programming on some more complex radios.

Hytera radios also feature strict PCB design and shielded key components. These features reduce the risk of sparking in a work environment. In addition, the light shell is made using a patented dual-material moulding technology that helps reduce the risk of static discharge. The shell also features a skid-proof design on both sides and rear.

Hytera offers a full-featured intrinsically safe radio that is easy to use. It has an 1.8″ colour LCD screen that can be easily viewed even in bright sunlight. Its full keypad includes five dedicated buttons and 20 programable buttons. It weighs just 495g when powered by a standard battery. Hytera’s radios also offer a GPS receiver to keep track of radio locations.

The Hytera PD715IS intrinsically safe radio is a compact, rugged, and UL 913 intrinsically safe radio. It supports UHF analog and VHF digital systems and has up to 16 hours of battery life. In addition, it offers outstanding audio quality. Moreover, it meets all requirements of Mil Spec 810 A, B, C, D, and G.

Motorola XPR 7000 Series

Intrinsically safe radios are essential for working in hazardous locations. These radios are designed to be resistant to explosions and fires. They can be programmed to send emergency alerts to supervisors and dispatchers. In addition, they can be customized for different environments.

Motorola’s radio portfolio is known for improving productivity and collaboration among workforce members. To make use of Motorola radios in the most efficient and effective manner, you can add accessories to enhance performance. These accessories are specifically tested to be compatible with Motorola radios and designed to optimize their performance.

XPR 7000e Series radios offer seamless voice and data communication. Bluetooth lets you talk hands-free with other users, while data transmission allows you to send real-time information back to the office. Integrated GPS makes it possible to track mobile workers and assets. Text messaging simplifies communication when voice communication is not possible. Other features of this radio include water-tight construction, amped-up audio, and double energy efficiency.

UL-approved radios

Intrinsically safe radios meet specific requirements in hazardous locations and are used in industries ranging from petrochemical to gas. These radios are classified by UL Laboratories according to the types of hazardous environments that they can be used in. Intrinsically safe radios can withstand high heat, water submersion, heavy dust, and proximity to flammable gases and vapors. These radios are often the go-to communication device during a disaster or emergency situation.

Intrinsically safe radios are required to be labeled with UL approval. The text or logo on UL radios will be GREEN. FM radios will have a GREEN logo or text. The absence of these labels indicates that the radio is not intrinsically safe. Motorola recently discontinued their two-way radios under the Factory Mutual standard and began accreditations with UL. However, older Motorola radios are intrinsically safe and will work with both UL and FM radios.

Intrinsically safe radios will feature a special label on the battery or radio. The label will have the logo of the certifying agency and will state that it is intrinsically safe. The label will also indicate which division, class, or group the radio is in. If the radio is UL-approved, you’ll know that the radio has passed a rigorous test and has received a UL approval.

Intrinsically safe radios are designed to eliminate sparks and heat. They are also designed to protect electrical circuits in hazardous environments. For example, radios that use IS batteries can be used in industries that require radios that are gas and oil-proof. However, two-way radios that use IS batteries cannot be intrinsically safe.

Intrinsically safe products undergo rigorous testing to be labeled intrinsically safe. They must pass a special spark test to ensure that they are safe for use in hazardous environments. The test involves exposing a product to explosive gases connected to cadmium disks. The device must “break” the circuit at least 1600 times to determine if it can ignite or not.

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