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DeskFlex is a flexible scheduling system that integrates with Outlook calendaring. The software also comes with temperature and mask detection, as well as customizable programming. It is a great fit for busy professionals. To learn more about DeskFlex, read this article. It will answer your questions about the software and help you decide if it is right for your needs.

DeskFlex is a flexible scheduling system

DeskFlex is an easy-to-use scheduling system that empowers business owners and managers to control and manage workspace from anywhere. It allows employees to schedule meetings and reserve workstations in advance, or instantly claim them as needed. The software allows unlimited resource management and can help businesses increase productivity and brand exposure.

DeskFlex also includes features for managing shared workspaces. It provides enterprise-level access management and identity validation. It allows you to configure user access levels and define reservation rights. The software also allows for flexible scheduling across multiple campuses and dormitories. This makes it easy to manage and maintain multiple spaces, whether they are shared or private.

DeskFlex is ideal for businesses, educational institutions, and lecture halls. The system’s hygienic design helps minimize Coronavirus infection, especially in high-traffic areas like meeting rooms and activity areas. It has a sanitizing feature that automatically sanitizes desks and surfaces after use.

DeskFlex is a multipurpose booking software that enables you to run an efficient office management system. It lets employees check availability of office space and make reservations, or cancel them. The system also tracks room usage, facility status, and 3D floor maps. It can also be used to book meeting rooms and conference rooms.

It integrates with Outlook calendaring

DeskFlex integrates with Outlook calendaring, making it easy for users to make workspace reservations. This integration also allows users to manage employee schedules and department costs. DeskFlex also offers the ability to reserve desk space and equipment for meetings. This helps make the planning process easier, saving time and money.

If you are in charge of managing the scheduling of conference rooms, you’ll appreciate how easy it is to integrate your conference room reservation software with Outlook calendaring. You can make a reservation from your Outlook calendar in a matter of seconds. And once you’ve booked a room, you can also modify or cancel it. DeskFlex’s integration with Outlook also allows administrators to track space booking data to maximize space utilization.

DeskFlex is a mission-critical scheduling and hoteling software system for offices. It integrates with Outlook calendaring to help you manage room availability, enforce social distancing policies, and offer customized scheduling features for facilities. The company offers a free 30-day trial. You can try it out to see if DeskFlex is right for your business.

It has temperature and mask detection

The DeskFlex room scheduling system incorporates a Thermal Detection System that detects elevated body temperatures and facial masks. The system provides the necessary information to prevent the spread of infections in the workplace. This feature can be particularly beneficial for highly populated industries, where the threat of a COVID-19 pandemic is a real concern.

DeskFlex is a fully customizable room management software that can keep track of the attendance of all visitors and track their details in an easily accessible digital logbook. It also integrates with surveillance cameras and biometric scanners to help identify unwelcome visitors. These visitors may include delivery men, customers, and employees’ family members.

The DeskFlex can also help prevent the spread of infections within healthcare facilities, as it can detect masks and prevent infected people from entering a workspace. The system is used in various industries, including healthcare, education, enterprises, and government institutions. It can also help organizations manage the booking of conference rooms and integrates with Microsoft Outlook to simplify the booking process. The DeskFlex also allows users to use the same workstation every day, and release it for other employees to use.

DeskFlex room reservation software can also support touchscreens that show the status of meetings and room bookings. This way, team members can easily keep tabs on the incoming bookings in the conference room. They can also view the status of meetings, which reduces the risk of virus transmission. Additionally, the system also offers a COVID prevention module and an office reservation system. The system can even help manage sports complexes and game rooms.

The DeskFlex cloud-based software allows users to manage their workspaces from a web browser. Users can create, edit, and cancel reservations anytime they want. This helps companies reduce costs and increase employee satisfaction. They can also generate detailed reports, including a floor map of the office.

It offers customized programming

DeskFlex offers customized programming for businesses. The flexible workspaces allow employees to schedule meetings, hold conference calls, and reserve equipment. Businesses can also set aside blocks of rooms at special rates for events, such as a meeting with a client. The platform also allows businesses to set up inventory return dates so that unused equipment will be returned automatically.

DeskFlex makes reserving workspaces quick and easy. The platform helps users schedule meetings and allocate workspaces in a way that minimizes conflict resolutions and saves money. Additionally, users can copy and replicate reservation details across multiple bookings, which means that the process can be repeated with minimal effort. In addition, DeskFlex’s advanced reservation capabilities also help administrators analyze activity and allocate costs across departments.

DeskFlex offers web-based booking solutions for conferences, meetings, and parking. The platform can also be used to track workspace usage and optimize office space management. Other features of the DeskFlex product portfolio include Lobby Kiosk for managing workstations, analytics and reporting of space usage, and PBX interaction.

DeskFlex offers facility scheduling software for rental businesses, function halls, and event venues. Its conference room reservation system includes a point-and-click floor map, conference room reservation system, and event venue booking app. The system is also compatible with coworking spaces and venue rental businesses. DeskFlex can help your business run smoothly by making reservation management easy.

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