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It seemed like it’s only fairly recent that paper bags had been doing its job as a nondescript self-effacing packaging device, although it had been in existence and been doing that since the mid-eighteenth century. 

It had been an admittedly long time and that there had been a notable transformation to the bag as a packaging device. At present, it has seen notable transformations as a packaging device. 

It had already become a branding, style, and a fashion statement in between the other available packaging options.Likewise, paper bags had undergone several transformations, remaining so,and the same up to this day. 

Paper bag transformations

Currently, there is now some printing done to the paper bag aside from the customized transformations that had been going on for some time. Printing on paper bags is done more as an attraction factor than anything else. 

Paper bags are lightweight and are considered the most satisfying packaging solutions for shoppers. Manufacturers of paper bags had been available a variety of papers, types, designs, sizes, and styles.

Product presentation 

 As they are, custom made paper bags Australia are not just a packaging tool; it is a presentation of your products. 

The printed carry bags are much more than a product packaging means. Corporations and entrepreneurs use the carry bag printdesign for their promotions, advertisement, seminars, marketing exposure, and branding.

Environment conservation 

These paper bags have also evolved into utility products and instruments, contributing to a significant role in the environment conservation drive. The consumers are associating through this with the movement directly or indirectly.

From brown printed paper bag to white paper bag or other branded merchandise–customized bags, it has now become the perfect packaging recourse. They are now available for ordinary to classy use. 

The perception of these custom-made paper bags does not end here. There are other facts about the use of paper bags. 

Climate change contributor

The simple paper bags have a noticeable contributing role on climate change. Paper bags hold on natural compostable characteristics. It does no harm in the disposable quality in itself.

Paper bags are green fiber-based products. It has a remarkably low impact on global warming as an environmental impact. 

The cellulose fiber-based paper product can be recycled six times before ending its life. (The recycling needs some additional fiber fodder to be incorporated into the process to maintain its strength and quality).


Due to its being made from natural resources material, the paper product carries breathable characteristics. These naturally-crafted paper bags carry a high level natural strength versus mechanical strength.

With the environment-friendly packaging option, it is capturing the market and increasing the demand continually.

The eco-friendly packaging is the best companion for humans and Earth and the best gift for future generations. These paper bag creations also create an emotional connection between retailers and customers. 

This connection gets strong with satisfying presentation and reaffirms the valued services commitment of the paper bag product. 


Custom-made paper bags used in shopping are an excellent vehicle in projecting one brand visibility. They make for some of the best tools in advertising and developing the brand image of the product and business.

The design’s creative output indicated the extent of the depths and values of customer services of your business.


With their new role, custom paper bags are very good linkers between the retailer and its customers. It works as a strong brand awareness enhancer in the paper format advertisement category other than media or online publicity of the product.

The paper bag that has a brand’s image or logo, design, symbols, and slogan, etc. drives the success and long-lasting positive sustainability for that brand. 

Marketing tool

As they are, the effective, strong and eye-catching custom carry bags becomeone of the strongest tools with other marketing methods. A good and positive branding conveys the attributes, benefits, values, culture, and personality of the product. 

Today’s world is now evolving around branding measures. The paper bag packaging of late is a credible and nature-friendly way to source brand recognition in the noisy marketing world of products.

User benefits 

Many people will use the paper bags as a handbag which they will carry outside.  The proper deign paper bag can match the clothes of the carrier. Others use it in place of plastic bags. 

The problem is that plastic bags are not biodegradable and contributes in worsening the current environmental problems. Paper bags are degradable. 

This is the reason why many countries are having relevant policies that encourages companies, and people, to use more paper-based products, including paper bags. 

Material strength 

It had been known that the general traditional plastic shopping bags are easy to break. If manufacturers want to make them more solid (and thereby stronger), they need to spend more since this is bound to increase the production costs. 

As they are, paper bags are the solution because of their toughness, wear resistance, solidity and durability. More high-grade paper bags also have a waterproof function while sporting a beautiful appearance and other positive characteristics.

The price may behigher than the traditional plastic products, but the value is far greater than that of plastic bags.

Paper bags have the advantage of having a relatively big space for customization compared to plastic bags. Likewise, they can be printed in different sizes, colors, patterns and other configurations.

Adding to their solidity and durability, paper bags can also be classified as mobile advertising bags. It is now common knowledge that much can be had from high-grade paper bags that from traditional plastic bags.

Environmental protection / conserving natural resources

These days, environmental awareness has been stronger than ever before. With the paper bag’s natural strengths (toughness, water resistance, durability, etc.) it will enable the paper bags to be reusable and further conserves the environment.

Environmental awareness has been stronger than ever before today than at any other time. So there is no doubt that paper bags would be a social trend.

On the other hand, the most obvious advantage of using paper bags is that they are extracted from unbleached and recycled Kraft paper. 

This is familiar and is a good solution to the natural resources and energy-saving, as well as the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions. 

Species diversity

Today, marine life is in great danger from plastic garbage thrown into the oceans without regards to the animals living there. When plastic clogs the oceans, lakes, rivers, the harmful toxic chemicals of plastic content will definitely lead to the death of marine animals.

Animal tht inadvertently ingested these plastic bits and pieces discarded into the oceans have no chance of living because it clogs their threads and they cannot eat. Eventually, they will starve to death since they cannot eat any of the natural food.

The use of paper bags does not reside on its obvious appearance.   

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