How to keep ants away?


Have you found yourself waking up in the morning with some bites on your skin, probably a mosquito but ants can also be a suspect? Because of the sweet foods like candies and sweets crackers debris from the last night’s snack falls on your bed or couch, and the ants become uninvited visitors. Changes in the weather could also be an inviting factor for them to get in the house because of their needs. Most of the time sees those ant pest control Ipswich in the backyard with the group. One of the more troublesome and annoying common household pests in the south is the ant. During the late spring and early summer, these critters are to look for food to build their mounds and start searching for food. So, as we are aware of that activity, we have to prepare our premises to keep them out. Good news for there are some activities that we can perform as well to help us out. The following are simple tips to keep those ants away.

Being aware of traveling ants 

There are ants that used to travel and they are known as the scouting ants. Those scouting ants are the ants that are making their way into your home. These ants are finding food sources for the whole colony. It can easily be noticed because seeing ants in the kitchen or other living areas, is a precise sign that you have to expect more ants to come so with the given sign, be prepared. Encountering one of the scout ants, you have to eliminate that right away to stop more ants from coming.

Keep tidy and clean

More and more ants are expected to come to get food for the colony because the house has scattered debris of crackers, a splash of some sweet drinks, and more. Cleanliness is highly required for this to be prevented. The greatest thing you can do is to clean and make sure no more food is left on the floor, on the table, and on all surfaces of the house. Ants are very good at walking and climbing so wherever the food is, they can follow it and grab it. There must be regular cleaning right after mealtime, like cleaning the dishes. The last thing we like to do after a big delicious meal is get up and start scrubbing and scouring, but that’s precisely what ought to be done right away. Leftover food and dirty plates left around the house are instant lures to ants and can become an ant buffet if not cleaned up in a timely manner. Cleaning with a regular vacuum helps a lot to maintain cleanliness. Maintaining a vacuumed floor can make a great difference as it stops stray food crumbs that may go unrecognized. Preserving your floors spotless in areas where food is consumed is critical in controlling those scout ants from discovering a food source. You must not forget the surface of the table, kitchen sink, and even the surface of the stove or oven. While ants are attracted to food, they are also tempted by sweet and sticky substances resulting from spills in and around our homes. So you better wipe down all the counter’s surfaces, workbenches, and other surfaces. This must be done with a good cleaning product or just a home supply like vinegar and water mixture to ensure that ants will not be attracted by spills.

Storing food in sealed containers

It will be our best act of ours to choose and purchase that food storage with a well-sealed container. As with the most common household pests, it is essential to store food for people and pets in sealed, air-tight, containers. Restricting access to a food source means the ants will not be able to gain access and will steer away any other pests who are looking for food as well. The only reason for them why they are all becoming pests is because they are looking for food in a way they know. But controlling them by using these kinds of containers will help you to make the food unreachable and undamaged or uncontaminated. 

Seal Off Cracks & Entrances to Your Home

Once you have finished withdrawing food items and controlling entrance to them then it is time to start stopping ants from entering your home. Act as a human scout and explore for places in and around your home that could be possible access for the ants. Stuffing to seal the gaps and cracks around windows and doors and the foundation of your home with sealant can destroy many of the obvious access for ants to utilize. Those sealants will spoil over time and with vulnerability to the elements, so it is best to keep an eye on them and reapply as required.

Remove Ant Tracks

With a developed ant problem, it is important to analyze where ants are coming from and destroy their track to control them from restarting to enter your home. Straightforward use of a vinegar and water mixture along the measurement of the ant tracks or paths will be destroyed and they will be forced to go back from the very beginning of the track and to find a new path to their food source. Ants leave a scent to keep their track for other ants to trace, and where you discover one track you will likely find others. It is important as you’re spraying down ant tracks to keep an eye out for variations from that track to other places in the home and to spray them down as well.

Placed Ant Baits around Active Areas

If you have been seeing scout ants around your home, it’s a good idea to start putting bait traps in the places you are seeing scouts. Instead of immediately massacring the scouts which you can actually do, but better to have lots to be eliminated. While these baits may draw more ants temporarily, their poisonous baits will be taken back to the colony and can support eradicating the colony itself, not just a few ants that locate their way into your home.

Splash Ant’s Barricade around Your Home

The insecticide is today’s most effective barrier for ants. Proper application of an ant barrier or insecticides around the circumference of your home’s foundation will support lead scouts out from your home and control ants from penetrating in pursuit of food. Though there are a lot of insecticides available in the market, the help of professional ant killers is the best among the rest. For they have the expertise and proper knowledge on how to use insecticides to perfectly keep the ants away. 

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