The Many Wonderful Perks of Using Apps for Cleaning Services


We live in truly digital times. Like, just look at apps. A decade ago, apps were widely disregarded, or rarely used, because many people thought they were too complex to use, or were unnecessary at that time. Flashback to today, and you’ll find just about an app for whatever use where it’s for downloading games, playing music, dating, social interaction, cooking, healthy living and more. And, if you own or manage a cleaning service or business, the good thing is that there are apps for your niche market! Let’s take a look at a few of the many wonderful apps for cleaners.

Do Cleaning Services Need an App?

I’m sure you’re also wondering why a cleaning service, or an individual cleaner, needs an app. Well, in these high-tech and fast-paced times, the cleaning industry is no exception to innovation and the use of technology.

Like, take for example the need for a quality website, because offering online booking and payment options are considered the norm in the 21st century. However, a website is not just the only way technology can help keep cleaning firms ahead of the competition.

Now, why do cleaning businesses need an app? Well, management apps and software basically contain all the tools that a business owner needs to successfully handle each and every aspect of their company’s operations.

According to technology experts, the simplest and most effective way to keep things organized, especially in the cleaning business, is to keep things organized via streamlined cleaning software. 

Some, or shall I say most, of the available app for cleaners today comes with online booking features which enable everyone, from clients to individual cleaners, to easily access their daily, weekly, or monthly cleaning schedules.

The app for cleaners also helps facilitate communication both in-house and with customers, and it also allows business owners and managers to easily alter or change their pricing, bookings and other things. 

By having all these functionalities readily available in the app for cleaners, business owners and customers will have all they need in a single purpose-built program or app that’s available from any internet-enabled device.

The managers of cleaning services will basically have a bird’s-eye view of their company. The app will also provide transparency and convenience for customers and staff, which will definitely cut down on back office work, and will make misunderstandings less likely. 

Apps Help Drive Employee Engagement

Instead of simply expecting your workers to utilise multiple chat apps, or chat services on social media sites (which they may not be totally familiar with), why not set up an in-house chat system within the same cleaning company software or app that they already have!

They could use the app for cleaners to view their schedules or shifts, tick off completed tasks or jobs, as well as perform other work-related tasks or activities. This will definitely make communication easier, and it will also foster camaraderie and goodwill among staff, as

Well as ensure that any questions or queries from customers are quickly answered or addressed via a shared platform.

Thru the App, Cleaning Firms Can Get More Online Reviews From Clients

Now, just like any other business venture or service provider, cleaning services also would like to get more positive reviews from their clients. So, what’s the best way to get more positive reviews from your cleaning firm’s customers? Well, you could start by using apps for cleaners!

To do this, you will want to create a hassle-free review system which requires minimal effort from your customers to complete. Second, you should gently remind your customers to share their thoughts after their services are completed.

The quickest, and most efficient way to do this would be through a scheduling app for cleaners that already comes with a built-in review system. This ensures that the firm’s clients are automatically asked to leave a review once their cleaning job is completed.

Customers will also be able to do so without having to navigate different websites, create new accounts, or take other steps that they may be too busy, or otherwise unwilling to put themselves through.

Apps Can Help Effectively Calculate House or Office Cleaning Rates

Now, an app for cleaners just doesn’t allow company managers and staff to adjust their schedules, nor does it help clients book a cleaner in a jiffy, but it also helps company owners and managers to easily calculate house cleaning rates and charges.

A specialized cleaning service app can enable the firm to micromanage some or even all of their pricing, and it can also help them compare earnings over different periods of time, as well as receive feedback directly from their clients. All of this helps the cleaning service set realistic and flexible rates that are just right for their area of operation and the services they offer. 

Apps Make Life Easier for Workers & Clients

Today, it’s practically impossible to find a cleaning firm or contractor that isn’t juggling multiple apps on a daily basis. Not only will this be difficult to keep track of, but it often leads to inefficient workflows, unnecessary expenses, data breaches and software incompatibilities.

But, by having all the needed functionalities you need to organize our cleaning service in a single app, you’ll definitely simplify your firm’s day to day tasks, facilitate enhanced communication with your cleaners and clients, as well as considerably reduce the amount of back-office work.

And, high-quality apps for cleaners also includes cleaning industry-specific KPI’s, or Key Performance Indicators, which enable business owners and managers to set, as well as track, realistic goals or objectives.

The app for cleaners can also help enhance the company’s profit margins in the long term, through automating marketing campaigns, which enable the firm to follow up on leads more effectively, and provide a truly user-friendly customer portal.

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